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DKP Sheet Metal

The ease of processing

The ease of processing enables these materials to be used frequently in all areas that require high spinning.

Galvanized Sheet Metal

Galvanized is a type

Galvanized is a type of sheet metal that is installed on all wet and damp floors and has no alternative.

Hot Rolled Pickled Sheet

On the basis of

On the basis of HRP sheet products becoming more and more common, this material has features are available.

Deck Sheet

Deck sheet is produced

Deck sheet is produced with a special painting technology obtained with high-strength, galvanized thin steel sheet or aluminum, without dyeing directly.

Black Profile

They are pipes produced

They are pipes produced in various diameters and wall thicknesses in accordance with standards suitable for all areas of life and intended use, as longitudinal welded from hot tape.

Galvanized Profile

Galvanized box profiles are

Galvanized box profiles are shaped with a roll forming machine after slitting the galvanized coil sheets and their joints are welded with a high frequency welding machine.