Hot Rolled Pickled Sheet


On the basis of HRP sheet products becoming more and more common, this material has features are available. HRP sheets, first of all, have a high strength value. both hot The resistance of HRP sheets increases to a great extent because they are both cold rolled and processed.

However, corrosion resistance of HRP sheets is higher than normal iron. Corrosion Even in areas with high risk, this material can be used for many years without any problems. HRP Sheets also come to the fore with their weld holding levels. Able to bond strongly with other metals

Welds applied to HRP sheets can remain intact for a long time.

It is the acid-cleaned surface of hot rolled flat steels. 2.00 in DD11 and 6222 grades – Thickness between 10,000 mm, width between 1000 mm - 1500 mm and desired between 1000 mm - 6000 mm Size cuts can be made.

Usage Areas

HRP sheets are widely used due to the features they have and the contributions they provide to the usage areas. The automotive sector is one of the areas where these materials are most frequently seen. HRP sheets, which are used in the manufacture of various spare parts as well as interior and exterior accents of vehicles, are preferred because they provide long-lasting use. In addition, HRP sheets are frequently used in the production of durable household appliances and kitchen utensils. This material is generally used especially on the outer surfaces of white goods. In addition to these, a boiler, radiator or

It is possible to come across the use of HRP sheet metal in ventilation systems.

Differenties between DKP Sheet Metal and HRP Metal

One of the materials that are as important as HRP sheet models and used at least as widely as them is DKP sheets. Although DKP sheet products obtained after a series of processes of hot rolled steel are similar to HRP sheets in some aspects, there are also various differences. DKP sheets are not subjected to cold rolling as well as hot rolling. DKP sheets, which can be produced in both flat and roll form in shape, sometimes differ from HRP sheets in terms of price. DKP sheets with higher properties outperform HRP sheets in terms of cost. The strength values of DKP sheets are higher than HRP sheets. This allows it to be used in more challenging areas.