Galvenized Sheet Metal

Galvanized sheet is coated with "Zinc" in order to prevent corrosion of the metal. Galvanized is a type of sheet metal that is installed on all wet and damp floors and has no alternative. Because the galvanization in its structure is a sheet metal system that can cope with all the negativities and eliminates the pressure created by these negativities on the surface of the sheet.

Galvanized sheet material is in demand by sectors that make exterior surface coatings, especially in the automotive sector.

Technical Features

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Formability
  • Perfect Surface Appearance
  • Weldability
  • Paintability

This useful sheet material is preferred by many sectors due to its technical features. The automotive sector is one of these sectors. This material is also very popular in the white goods industry as well as the automotive industry.

Usage Areas

  • Automotive Industry
  • White Goods Industry
  • Insulation and Coating Processes
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning Facilities
  • Thermosiphon, Stove and Pipe Production
  • Production of Water and Fuel Tanks
  • Pipe and Profile Production
  • Cable Tray and Lighting Fixtures
  • Cable Industry
  • Hardware and Packaging Industry
  • Prefabricated Building Production
  • Shed Construction, Silo and Warehouse Construction

used in many industries.