DKP Sheet Metal

The ease of processing enables these materials to be used frequently in all areas that require high spinning. For example, we can state that even in the production of office furniture, we make use of the material in question. At the same time, this material is frequently encountered in heating systems. Its intensive use in different heating systems is due to its various properties such as durability or resistance to corrosion.

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Areas of Usage

It is used in many areas of the industry, especially in automotive, furniture, white goods, pipes & profiles, panel radiators, construction & building materials, metal molds. Cold Rolled (DKP) Coil/Package Sheet (Steel); It is mainly hot rolled sheet, which has undergone further processing. The steel is processed in cold rolling plants after cooling and/or hot rolling after cooling at room temperature. With the cold rolling process, sheets of different qualities and sizes are obtained.

* DKP sheets are softer than other sheet types and are suitable for giving the desired shape and pattern.